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exotropia pancreas NA [pl.pancreata] synovia tera- disease
guinea pig ( = cavia cabaya) bronchi [pl. bronchus NA] adapter liquor [pl.liquores] metabolite
data [sing.; datum] prism prisma [pl.prismata] time constraints ( due to-) hallucination
comfortably ( = freely) on hand ( moneys) ayurveda unabated ( has been continuing) twinned ( have been)
paradental ( = periodontal) fructose 1,6-diphosphate complement cresyl blue, 2 R. N. or B.B.S. ( brilliant cresyl blue) adenosine ; 3-phosphate
naphthamine blue, 3B.X ( = trypan blue) chlorazol blue, 3 B. ( = trypan blue) Congo blue, 3 B. ( trypan blue) Niagara blue, 3B ( = trypan blue) soluble blue, 3M or 2R ( = aniline blue)
adenosine ; 5-phosphate fructose 6-phosphate activated 7-dehydrocholesterol ( = cholecalciferol) pegoxol 7 stearate cabufocon A
cyclic AMP ( = cyclic adenosine monophosphate) Nile blue, A C-reactive protein Fe ( = iron) cyclic GMP ( = cyclic guanosine monophosphate)
dianil blue, H. 3 G. ( = trypan blue) Inv allotype ( = Km allotype) Km allotype L cells new methylene blue, N
n-hexylamine methylene blue, N. N. N-formyl-methionyl peptides toluidine blue, O methylene blue, O ( = toluidine blue)
Oz allotype anti-Rh agglutinin VDRL antigen ( = Venereal Disease Research Laboratories antigen) axillae apoatropine
apomorphine apitoxin apyrase atolide adverse effects
budgetary implications latericeous ( = lateritious) lateritious delayed glairy
ultimum moriens latest allowable completion time deontology adermine ( = pyridoxine) Calendula
aralkyl allergin arucase aristin arildone
azapropazone ( = apazone) azabon azapetine azatadine azathioprine
azastene azacytidine azaserine azacyclonol azaguanine
azaclorzine azacosterol azamethonium azanator azanidazole
azauridine azlocillin azoprotein azobenzene azotomycin
azotemic azotemia extrarenal azotemia prerenal azotemia ( = extrarenal azotemia) chloropenic azotemia ( = hypochloremic azotemia)
hypochloremic azotemia azuresin azosulfamide azocarmine azoxybenzene
azole azolitmin azolimine azulene azomycin
azoimide azipramine azepindole azide Asimina
asiminine myrtiform acepromazine depo medroxyprogesteron acetate ( = DMPA) acerin
acecainide cross-link autochthonous Endo agar DNase test agar
chlamydospore agar Brucella agar thiosulfate citrate bile salts sucrose agar brilliant green agar dextrose agar
citrate agar cystine-tellurite agar cystine-heart agar cystine-trypticase agar bile-esculin agar
casein agar lysine-iron agar ( = LIA) mannitol salt agar dextrose starch agar EMB agar ( eosin-methylene blue agar)
eosine-methylene blue agar Bordet-Gengon agar Chapman-Stone agar Czapek-Dox agar malt extract agar
corn meal agar Sabhi agar bismuth sulfite agar Kligler iron agar Littman agar


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