Translation and Meaning of أثخن in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

أَثْخَنَ ( فعل ) : أَثْخَنَهُ ضَرْبًا
- beat; wallop
- thrash; beat; hit hard
أثْخَن : أَوْهَنَ
debilitate ; devitalize ; enervate ; enfeeble ; sap ; unnerve ; weaken

- cool
- to make or become calm, less excited,etc
- make or become less
- to make body or mind weak,or weaken authority or effectivness
- to take power of strength away from something
- to lose energy and become weak
- to make someone weak
- damage or weaken
- to make languid
- make spiritless
- gradually weaken somebody or something
- make or become soft or softer
- wear gradually away; make or become weak; wither
- weaken; sap

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