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Translation and Meaning of أجر in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

أجَر ( فعل ) : اِسْتَأجَرَ
hire ; lease ; rent ; take a lease on or of ; take on lease
أجْر : أَتْعاب
fee(s) ; honorarium ; remuneration

- fee
- a payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services
- a form of payment for work you have done
- money regularly paid
- payment; reward
- fee paid to somebody in advance for services
أَجْر : أَجْر عَيْنِي
أجَر : أَجّرَ
hire out ; lease ; let (out) ; rent out
أجّر : أَكْرَى
hire out ; lease ; let (out) ; rent out

- let
- to grant the use of(rooms, land, etc)for rent or hire
- procure the temporary use of something for an agreed payment
- grant the temporary use of a thing for an agreed payment
- to grant or take on lease
- to lease; grant or take on lease
- lease or hire out
أجْر : ثَوَاب
recompense ; remuneration ; requital ; reward

- wages
- a requital
- a requital
- something given out of kindness; reward or payment offered, usually by a government, to encourage somebody to do something
- thing or money given to someone as a prize, payment, grant or judgement
- money regularly paid
- very small particles in mining , milling
- something given to you for your good acting; a reward
- thing that rewards; thing that compensates
- payment; reward
- the act of paying money back
- recompense for work, merit or service, something given or received in return for work, merit or service
أجْر : جُعْل
charge ; fee ; rate
أجْر : راتِب
emolument ; pay ; salary ; stipend ; wages

- wages
- a fixed regular payment, usually daily or weekly, made by an employer to an employee, especially to a manual or unskilled worker
- a form of payment for work you have done
- fixed regular payment to employees
- salary; emolument
أجَر : كافَأَ
recompense ; remunerate ; reward

- chastise
- to punish severely
- to make a suitable payment,give something to give up(for loss,injury,etc)
- give somebody what he wants, demands, needs; make content
- reward somebody ( for his works, efforts, etc )compensate somebody for ( for his los, etc )
- pay or reward somebody for work or services
- give somebody something in return (service); reward somebody
أجَر : وَظّفَ
employ ; engage the services of ; hire

Category Meaning Original text
Words Koran (is a) reward أَجْرٌ
Words Koran (is the) reward أَجْرُ
Words Koran (the) reward أَجْرَ
Words Koran payment أَجْرٍ
Words Koran the reward أَجْرَ
Financial Receive a salary قبض أَجْرًا
Legal draw a salary قبض أجراً
Legal freight (out) a ship أجر سفينة
Financial Lease a house أجر مُنَزَّلًا
Legal Underlet أجر من الباطن
Financial Sublease; Sublet أجر من الباطن
Words Koran (his) reward أَجْرًا
Words Koran (in) reward أَجْرًا
Words Koran (is) a good reward أَجْرًا
Words Koran (is) a reward أَجْرًا
Words Koran (with) a reward أَجْرًا
Words Koran a payment أَجْرًا
Words Koran a reward أَجْرًا
Words Koran any payment أَجْرًا
Words Koran any reward أَجْرًا
Legal hire; let; rent يُؤجِّر
Legal lease يُؤجر
Legal demise يؤجر
Legal Underlet أجر بأقل من القيمة
Legal Lease أجر بقصد التمليك

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