Translation and Meaning of التماثل in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

تَمَاثُل ( اسم ) :
(a)likeness ; accord(ance) ; affinity ; agreement ; analogy ; coincidence ; comparability ; compatibility ; concordance ; conformity ; congruence ; congruity ; consistence ; consistency ; equality ; fitness ; harmony ; homogeneity ; homogeneousness ; isomorphism ; matching ; proportion
تَمَاثُل : تَشَابُه ، تَجَانُس ، تَطَابُق
alikeness ; correspondence ; homology ; identification ; identity ; likeness ; oneness ; parallelism ; resemblance ; sameness ; similarity ; similitude ; symmetry ; uniformity
تَمَاثُل : تَشَابُه ، تَطَابُق
- agreeing with someone or something; in harmony
- consistence; harmony; agreement
- similarity;analogy; equality; equivalence
- partial similarity between two things that are compared
- condition of crresponding in time,space or opinion ,or happening by chance
- state of being similar to something else in size,number,quality,etc so that you can make a comparison
- the ability to exist or be used together without causing problems;accord,conformity
- action or behaviour in accordance with established practice or adaptation;likeness,agreement
- harmony;agreement,consistence
- harmony;agreement,consistence
- consistency;the quality of being the same or always being good
- the quality of being the same or always being good
- agreement; similarity
- imitating someone because you like him
- the state of being of the same kind
- the state of being of the same kind
- recognition, pinpointing
- absolute sameness
- resmbelance; similarity
- instance of likeness or similarity
- like or similar to (somebody or something)
- noun gerund of verb (to rival)
- being similar; likeness
- being similar; similarity
- being uniformed; sameness, consistency or an instance of this
- the quality of being the same

Category Meaning Original text
Technology Asymmetry; Dissymmetry لا تماثل
General Homology; Isomorphism; Symmetricalness تّماثل
General Analogy; community; Correspondence; identify; sameness; Symmetry تماثل
Financial ‎assimilation; Identity; ‎Symmerty تماثل
Technology balance; check bit; Homogeneity; parity bit; Parity; Similarity; uniformity تماثل
UN commonality تماثل
Political identification تماثل
Learning Correspondence تماثل / تطابق
Medical isodontic ( = homodontic) تَماثُلُ الأَسْنان
Medical reaction of identity تَفاعُلُ التَّماثُل ( في الرحلان المناعي )
Medical homology regions نَواحِي التَّماثُل ( في الغلوبلينات المناعية )
Technology Homoeogenesis تماثل التكوين
Financial ‎Center of symmetry مركز التماثل
Technology Trigonal ثلاثي التماثل
Technology Bisymmetrical; Disymmetrical ثنائي التماثل
Technology Symmetry plane سطح التماثل
Technology Symmetry axis محور التماثل
Technology Centre of similarity; Centre of symmetry مركز التماثل
Technology Plane of symmetry مستوى التماثل
Learning Analogy قياس التماثل
Learning Uniformitarian Principle مبدأ التماثل
Medical iseikonia; isoiconia ( = iseiconia) تَماثُلُ الخَيالَيْن
Medical iseiconic ( = isoiconic) تَماثُلُ الخيالَيْن
Technology Enantiomorphism تماثل الصور
Technology Isotropy- Random Orientation تماثل المناحي


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