Translation and Meaning of الغب in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

غِبّ ( اسم ) : بَعْدَ
after ; following
غِبّ : عاقِبَة
- that which follows or is brought about as the result or effect of something
- a result; a visible effect
- effect or outcome or of something
- result or outcome

Category Meaning Original text
Legal After; at sight غب ( بعيد )
General Gib غب
Legal On demand; On request غب الطلب
Medical tertian fever الحُمَّى الغِبّ
Medical biduotertian fever ( = tertian malaria) المَلاَرْيِا الغِبّ
Medical biduotertian غِبٌّ ثِلْث ( حُمَّى )
Medical subtertian malaria ( = falciparum malaria) مَلاَرْيا تحتَ الغِبّ ( = مَلاَرْيا المُتَصَوِّرَات المِنْجَلِيَّة )
Medical benign subtertian malaria مَلاَرْيا حَميدَةٌ تحتَ الغِبِّ

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