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تُرَّهَة ( اسم ) : باطِل
- act of aspersing; damaging or derogatory remark
- slander or the act of slandering
- something that is said or written that is silly or does not mean anything important
- the invention of lies
- the act of lying
- a lie or lies
- a trifle ; nonsense ;idle talk
- published false statement damaging to a person's reputation; defamatory written statement; act of publishing this
- intentially false statement; imposture
- vilification ; defamation .
- defamation; slander; falsehooh; calumniation
- the state of being false, esp. untrue
تُرّهَة :
balderdash ; drivel ; falsehood ; falseness ; falsity ; farce ; flimflam ; humbug ; lie ; nonsense ; rigmarole ; rubbish ; sham ; trifle ; triviality ; twaddle ; vanity

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