Translation and Meaning of تكريم in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

تَكْرِيم ( اسم ) : تَعْظِيم
- majesty; awe; respect
- have a high regard of something or a favourable opinion of it
- praising and making higher
- exaltation; praise, respect
- majesty, splendour; dignity of appearance or bearing
- the noun gerund of verb ( to honor )
- deep bow of respect or obedience
- esteem or consideration; respect
- great esteem
- feeling of deep respect or veneration
- the quality or state of being solemn
- reverence; exaltation; esteem
تَكْرِيم :
bestowal of honors upon ; deference ; doing honor to ; entertainment ; friendly ; hearty (kindly ; honor ; honor(ing) ; honoring ; hospitable or kindly reception ; hospitable) reception ; hospitality ; respect ; salutation ; tribute ; welcome ; welcoming

Category Meaning Original text
General Deigning; reverence تكريم
Legal Respecting التكريم

Nearby Words

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