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Translation and Meaning of حَكَم in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

حُكْم ( اسم ) : إدَارَة
administration ; authority ; command ; control ; direction ; dominion ; government ; leadership ; leading ; management ; power ; reign ; rule ; running ; sway
حَكَم : أدَارَ
administer ; control ; direct ; dominate ; govern ; have power over ; hold sway over ; lead ; manage ; regulate ; reign ; rule ; run ; sway
حَكَم : أمَرَ
command ; decree ; dictate ; direct ; enjoin ; ordain ; order ; prescribe
حَكّم :
appoint (or choose) as ruler

- empower
- to give someone more control over his affairs
حُكْم : حُكْمًا
- according to law
- inevitably; necessarily
حَكُمَ :
be or become sagacious and prudent
حَكّم في : فَوّضَ
authorize ; charge with ; commission with ; empower ; entrust with ; give a free hand to ; invest with power or authority ; put in charge of
حَكَم : قَاضِي
- judge; one appointed by two parties to settle dispute, umpire; one with entire control of, or something that settles an argument
- one appointed to settle dispute; judge
حُكْم : قَرَار
adjudication ; award ; decision ; holding ; judgment ; ruling ; sentence ; verdict
حَكَّمَ : لَجَأَ إِلَى

Category Meaning Original text
Words Koran (is the) Judgment حُكْمُ
Words Koran has judged حَكَمَ
Financial ‎Conclude; Govern; Regulate حكم
Legal Arbitrator حكم ( محكم )
Tourism Award حكم ( قضائي أو تحكيمي )
Financial ‎Sentence حكم ( قضائي )
Political In power في الحكم
Legal adjudicate; decide; judge; try فصل أو حكم
Legal judge equitably حكم بالأنصاف ( دون تطبيق النصوص القانونية )
Islamic judge with equity حكم بالقسط ‏
Financial Award damages حكم بتعويض
Legal pronounce a judgment إصدار حكم
Social Judgment ( حكم ( قضائي أو منطقي
Financial ‎Pass a sentence تلى حكمًا
Legal pass judgment; pronounce judgment to adjudge اصدر حكماً
Legal notify a judgment attainder بلغ حكماً
Legal appoint an arbitrator عين حكماً
Legal quash a judgment نقض حكماً
Financial Pass a sentence تلي حكماً
Legal Appeal; give notice of appeal; lodge an appeal عارض في حكم
Financial Attack a judgment طعن في حكم
Financial give notice of appeall عارض في حكم
Words Koran (as) judge حَكَمًا
Words Koran (in) judgment حُكْمًا
Words Koran (to be) a judgment of authority حُكْمًا

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