Translation and Meaning of شكم in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

شَكَمَ ( فعل ) : أَلْجَمَ
- furnish with bit; restrain; curb
- to keep (a horse or feelings) under control
- slow down or stop (a horse) by pulling back the reins
- put a snaffle on
شَكَم : لَجَمَ
bit ; bridle ; curb ; snaffle

Category Meaning Original text
General Bridle; snaffle شكم

Nearby Words

Category Meaning Original text
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Technology Biform; biformed ذو شكلين
Transport silencer شَكمان
General complaining شَكْو
General beef; grouch; grouse; whimper يشكو
Technology muffler خافض صوت - شكمان
General Formalism; Formality; Informality; modality شكلية
Medical form-order رُتْبَةٌ شَكْلِيَّة
Medical form-family فَصيلَةٌ شَكْلِيَّة
Medical morphon وَحْدَةٌ شَكْلِيَّة
Legal nominal damages خسائر شكلية
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