Translation and Meaning of word شهادة مطابقة in English Arabic Dictionary

Category Meaning Original text
Legal certificate of compliance شهادة مطابقة المستندات

Nearby Words

Category Meaning Original text
Political Testimony شهاده
Words Koran their testimony شَهَٰدَتُهُمْ
Words Koran testimony of the other two شَهَٰدَتِهِمَا
General whooping - cough شهاق
Technology Hooping cough شهاق
Economical Bearing certificate شهاده لحاملها
Islamic The Muslim declaration of faith ( that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah) الشهادة ( الشهادتين )
Financial CERTIFICATION شهادة ( تشريع )
Civil Engineering Real Estate Training diploma شهادة ( دبلوم عقاري )
Financial Certify (to ) (financial statement ) (audit ) شهادة ( ل ) البيانات / القوائم المالية ( التدقيق )
Financial Issue a certificate أصدر شهادة
Financial Take evidence جمع شهادة
Legal Substitutionary evidence أو شهادة
Social Documentation (Relation) ( شهادة ( علاقة
Financial ‎Hearsay شهادة على شهادة
Words Koran (as) a testimony شَهَٰدَةً
Words Koran (Take) testimony شَهَٰدَةُ
Words Koran a testimony شَهَٰدَةً
Words Koran testimony شَهَٰدَةً
Legal Preuve testimoniale; Proof by witnesses بالشهادة
General Attestation شّهادة
General Certificate; Certifying; Sheepskin; Testifying; Testimony; Witnessing شهادة
Legal acknowledgment; affidavit; Attest; Deposition; evidence; hearing; Testimonial; Voucher; Warrant; Witness شهادة
Financial Exact شهادة
Economical Scrip; Stock certificate شهادة


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