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Translation and Meaning of مختوم in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

مَخْتُوم ( اسم ) : مَسْدُود
closed (up) ; plugged up ; sealed (off) ; shut (off) ; stopped up
مَخْتُوم : مَمْهُور
impressed ; imprinted ; sealed ; stamped
مَخْتُوم : مُتَمَّم
- something achieved; completed successfully
- (of a door,etc)shut
- completed or supplemented
- having all its parts;whole or integral or thorough;inevery way
- finshed or made perfect or integral
- finished,excuted;done
- end or coming to an end
- supremely skilled;perfect
- accomplished ; perfect
- finished or stopped
- whole and complete
- enforced or implemented
- the last movement of an instrumental composition
- put into final form, being to an end
- the end , the last stage,final touches
- completed, ended
- be perfected
- to be completely done
- finished, completed, done; stopped, discontinued.
- done ; finished ; complete ; over .
- complete ; comprising the whole or absolute ; unqualified .
- terminating or finishing something
مَخْتُوم :

Category Meaning Original text
Words Koran sealed مَّخْتُومٍ
Legal Not Sealed; Unstamped غير مختوم
Financial ‎Unmarked غير مختوم
General Sealed; sigillate; Stamped مختوم
Legal marked مختوم
Medical seamless crown تاجٌ غَيْرُ مَخْتومٍ
Medical terra sigillata تُرابٌ مَخْتوم ( يباع في عبوات مختومة )
Legal Not Wax - Sealed غير مختوم بالشمع
Legal sealed verdict قرار مختوم
Financial Contract under seal عقد مختوم
Agriculture ripe boney عسل مختوم
Financial sealed - bid tender عطاء في ظرف مختوم
Financial ‎Sealed bid عطاء في مظروف مختوم
Computer closed loop system برنامج مختوم ذاتيًا
Economic Speciality مستند مختوم و موقع
Legal deed صك أو سند رسمي مختوم وموقع
Legal deed of assignment سند رسمي مختوم وموقع بتنازل

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