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Translation and Meaning of flax in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

flax ( noun ) : a blue-flowered plant, cultivated for its textile fibre and its seeds

Related Words

Category Meaning Original text
General الكتان خيوط الكتان؛ منسوجات الكتان؛ نَباتٌ لِيفِيّ flax
General منسوجات الكتان—الفنون Flax — textiles — arts

Nearby Words

Category Meaning Original text
General عيوب Flaws
General معيوب Flawy
General كتّاني؛ مِنَ الكَتَّان Flaxen
General كتاني؛ مِنَ الكَتَّان Flaxy
Medical بِزْرُ الكِتَّان flaxseed ( = linseed )
General حبْ الكتّان Flaxseed
Medical زَيتُ الكَتَّان flaxseed oil ( = linseed oil )
Technology زيت بزر الكتان Flaxseed oil


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