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Translation and Meaning of word time of sahur in English Arabic Dictionary

Category Meaning Original text
Islamic ‏وقت السحور‏ Time of Sahur
Islamic ‏فضل السحور‏ The merit of having sahur
Islamic ‏الدهر‏ Time
Islamic مَثْنَى مثنى Two at a time
Islamic ‏وقت الذبح‏ Time for slaughtering
Islamic المَلِيُّ Long time
Islamic ‏وقت الإمساك في الصيام‏ Time of abstinence in Fasting
Islamic ‏وقت قيام الساعة‏ Time of the Day of Resurrection
Islamic ‏وقت تسمية المولود‏ Time of naming the newborn
Islamic ‏وقت ليلة القدر‏ Time of Night of Revelation
Islamic ‏حلول الزكاة‏ The time to pay Zakah
Islamic الميقات Appointed time and place
Islamic ‏جهالة وقت الساعة‏ Unknown time of the Hour
Islamic ‏الفتوحات والحروب آخر الزمان‏ Conquests and wars at the end of time
Islamic ‏تقارب الأزمان قبل الساعة‏ Time convergence before the Hour
Islamic ‏ظهور الفرق آخر الزمان‏ Appearance of sects at the end of time
Islamic ‏ظن الصائم انتهاء الوقت‏ Thinking that the Fasting time is over
Islamic ‏فاتت الصلاة‏ The time of Prayer has expired
Islamic ‏وقت الرضاعة المحرمة‏ Time of wet - nursing that forbids marriage
Islamic ‏الصلاة لوقتها‏ Performing Prayer at its appointed time
Islamic ‏معرفة دخول الوقت‏ Being sure of the prescribed time of Prayer
Islamic ‏وقت قضاء الصيام‏ Time to make up for missed days of Fasting
Islamic ‏الجمع بين الأختين‏ Marriage to two sisters at the same time
Islamic ‏الجمع بين الأم والبنت‏ Marriage to a woman and her daughter at the same time
Islamic ‏جمع تقديم‏ Combining two Prayers in the time of the former

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