Translation and Meaning of أتعاب in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

أتْعَاب ( اسم ) :
allocations ; allotments ; allowances ; benefits ; emoluments ; fees
أتْعاب : أُجْرَة
fee(s) ; honorarium ; remuneration ; retainer

- fee
- a payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services
- a form of payment for work you have done
- money regularly paid
- payment; reward
- fee paid to somebody in advance for services

Category Meaning Original text
Financial Remunerate دفع أتعاب
Financial Emit أتعاب

Nearby Words

Category Meaning Original text
Financial ‎Remunerate دفع أتعابا
Financial ‎Remunerate يعوضن يدفع أتعابا
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