Translation and Meaning of أثخن in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

أَثْخَنَ ( فعل ) : أَثْخَنَهُ ضَرْبًا
- beat; wallop
- thrash; beat; hit hard
أثْخَن : أَوْهَنَ
debilitate ; devitalize ; enervate ; enfeeble ; sap ; unnerve ; weaken

- cool
- to make or become calm, less excited,etc
- make or become less
- to make body or mind weak,or weaken authority or effectivness
- to take power of strength away from something
- to lose energy and become weak
- to make someone weak
- damage or weaken
- to make languid
- make spiritless
- gradually weaken somebody or something
- make or become soft or softer
- wear gradually away; make or become weak; wither
- weaken; sap

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Nearby Words

Category Meaning Original text
Words Koran (in) possessions أَثَٰثًا
Words Koran (is) furnishing أَثَٰثًا
Words Koran you have subdued them أَثْخَنتُمُوهُمْ
Financial Prove the loss أثبت خسارة
Financial Probate أثبت صحة
Financial ‎Prove a claim in bankruptcy أثبت دينا في تفليسة
Financial Prove a will أثبت وصية رسميا
Words Koran (the) trace أَثَرِ
Words Koran (the) track أَثَرِ
UN trace يقتفي أثر
General Effectuates; Redounds يؤثّر
Legal opt يُؤْثر
Legal affect يؤثّر
Legal cure a default أزال أثر الحكم الغيابى


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