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Translation and Meaning of أجر in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

أَجّر ( فعل ) :
hire out ; lease ; let (out) ; rent out
أجَر : اِسْتَأجَرَ (شَيْئاً)
hire ; lease ; rent ; take a lease on or of ; take on lease
أجْر : أَتْعاب
fee(s) ; honorarium ; remuneration

- fee
- a payment made to a professional person or to a professional or public body in exchange for advice or services
- a form of payment for work you have done
- money regularly paid
- payment; reward
- fee paid to somebody in advance for services
أَجْر : أَجْر عَيْنِي
أجَر : أَجّرَ
hire out ; lease ; let (out) ; rent out
أجّر : أَكْرَى
hire out ; lease ; let (out) ; rent out

- let
- to grant the use of(rooms, land, etc)for rent or hire
- procure the temporary use of something for an agreed payment
- grant the temporary use of a thing for an agreed payment
- to grant or take on lease
- to lease; grant or take on lease
- lease or hire out
أجْر : ثَوَاب ، جَزَاء ، مُكَافَأة
recompense ; remuneration ; requital ; reward

- wages
- a requital
- a requital
- something given out of kindness; reward or payment offered, usually by a government, to encourage somebody to do something
- thing or money given to someone as a prize, payment, grant or judgement
- money regularly paid
- very small particles in mining , milling
- something given to you for your good acting; a reward
- thing that rewards; thing that compensates
- payment; reward
- the act of paying money back
- recompense for work, merit or service, something given or received in return for work, merit or service
أجْر : جُعْل ، رَسْم ، نَفَقَة
charge ; fee ; rate
أجْر : راتِب
emolument ; pay ; salary ; stipend ; wages

- wages
- a fixed regular payment, usually daily or weekly, made by an employer to an employee, especially to a manual or unskilled worker
- a form of payment for work you have done
- fixed regular payment to employees
- salary; emolument
أجَر : كافَأَ
recompense ; remunerate ; reward

- chastise
- to punish severely
- to make a suitable payment,give something to give up(for loss,injury,etc)
- give somebody what he wants, demands, needs; make content
- reward somebody ( for his works, efforts, etc )compensate somebody for ( for his los, etc )
- pay or reward somebody for work or services
- give somebody something in return (service); reward somebody

Category Meaning Original text
Tourism Living wages أجر الكفاف
Tourism Fee أتعاب ( طبيب او محامي ) / رسم / أجر
Tourism Compensation تعويض / أجر اجمالي ( المرتب و الحوافز الخ )
Tourism Wage ( see : salary , fee , pay , fare ) أجر ( العامل )
Tourism living Wage أجر الكفاف
Tourism current Wage أجر حالي
General to underlet أجّرَ مِن الباطِن
General to sublet أجّرَ مِن الباطِن
General to sublease أجّرَ مِن الباطِن , اِستاجَرَ مِنَ الباطِن
General to charter أجّرَ سَفِينَة أو طائِرَة , اِستاجَرَ سَفِينَة أو طائِرَة
Legal Consideration payment أجر
Legal fee أجر
Legal renumeration أجر
Legal Basic pay أجر أساسي ، مرتب أساسي
Legal hat money / primage أجر إضافي في نظير خدمة
Legal Crude wages أجر اجمالى
Legal Supplementary salary , overtime أجر اضافى
Legal Starvation Wage أجر الرمق ، أجر المجاعة
Legal Job wage ( US ) أجر بالمقاولة ، أجر بالقطعة
Legal Salary on time أجر زمنى
Legal To freight ( out ) a ship أجر سفينة
Legal Piecework salary أجر على الانتاج على القطعة بالمقاطعة
Legal Efficiency wages أجر على الانتاج ، على القطعة ، بالمقاطعة
Legal Indirect salary أجر غير مباشر
Legal product wage أجر في صورة منتج ، أجر الإنتاج


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