Translation and Meaning of التماثل in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

تَمَاثُل ( اسم ) :
(a)likeness ; accord(ance) ; affinity ; agreement ; analogy ; coincidence ; comparability ; compatibility ; concordance ; conformity ; congruence ; congruity ; consistence ; consistency ; equality ; fitness ; harmony ; homogeneity ; homogeneousness ; isomorphism ; matching ; proportion
تَمَاثُل : تَشَابُه ، تَجَانُس ، تَطَابُق
alikeness ; correspondence ; homology ; identification ; identity ; likeness ; oneness ; parallelism ; resemblance ; sameness ; similarity ; similitude ; symmetry ; uniformity
تَمَاثُل : تَشَابُه ، تَطَابُق
- agreeing with someone or something; in harmony
- consistence; harmony; agreement
- similarity;analogy; equality; equivalence
- partial similarity between two things that are compared
- condition of crresponding in time,space or opinion ,or happening by chance
- state of being similar to something else in size,number,quality,etc so that you can make a comparison
- the ability to exist or be used together without causing problems;accord,conformity
- action or behaviour in accordance with established practice or adaptation;likeness,agreement
- harmony;agreement,consistence
- harmony;agreement,consistence
- consistency;the quality of being the same or always being good
- the quality of being the same or always being good
- agreement; similarity
- imitating someone because you like him
- the state of being of the same kind
- the state of being of the same kind
- recognition, pinpointing
- absolute sameness
- resmbelance; similarity
- instance of likeness or similarity
- like or similar to (somebody or something)
- noun gerund of verb (to rival)
- being similar; likeness
- being similar; similarity
- being uniformed; sameness, consistency or an instance of this
- the quality of being the same

Category Meaning Original text
Technology Cubic Symmetry تماثل / تناظر مكعب
Learning Correspondence تماثل / تطابق
Medical isodontic ( = homodontic) تَماثُلُ الأَسْنان
Medical reaction of identity تَفاعُلُ التَّماثُل ( في الرحلان المناعي )
Medical homology regions نَواحِي التَّماثُل ( في الغلوبلينات المناعية )
Medical stereoidentical points نِقاطُ التَّماثُلِ الفَراغِيّ
Medical reaction of partial identity تَفاعُلُ التَّماثِلِ الجُزْئِيّ ( في الرَّحَلاَن المَناعِيّ )
Technology Homoeogenesis تماثل التكوين
Financial ‎Center of symmetry مركز التماثل
Technology Trigonal ثلاثي التماثل
Technology Bisymmetrical; Disymmetrical ثنائي التماثل
Technology Symmetry plane سطح التماثل
Technology Rotation axes of symmetry محاور التماثل الدورانية
Technology Symmetry axis محور التماثل
Technology Centre of curve مركز التماثل للمنحنى
Technology Centre of similarity; Centre of symmetry مركز التماثل
Technology Plane of symmetry مستوى التماثل
UN gender asymmetry عدم التماثل بين الجنسين
Economical Competitive – parity method طريقة التماثل التنافسية
Learning Analogy قياس التماثل
Learning Uniformitarian Principle مبدأ التماثل
Medical iseikonia; isoiconia ( = iseiconia) تَماثُلُ الخَيالَيْن
Medical iseiconic ( = isoiconic) تَماثُلُ الخيالَيْن
Technology Enantiomorphism تماثل الصور
Technology Isotropy- Random Orientation تماثل المناحي


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