Translation and Meaning of حَاجّ in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

حاجّ ( فعل ) : جادَلَ
argue with ; debate with ; dispute with ; expostulate with ; join issue with

- contest
- to dispute or challenge(a decision, etc); debate; argue
- to argue pedantically
- take part with others in an argument
- to argue forcefully in
- to argue with
- to argue;assert;maintain
حاجّ : مَنْ أَدَّى فَرِيضَةَ الحَجّ
- a pilgrim to Mecca ( in Islam )
- a Muslim who has been to Mecca as a pilgrim, used as a title
- one who journeys to holy lands for a religious reason

Category Meaning Original text
General hajji حاج
General Pilgrim حاجّ
General urge يحاج
Legal argue يحاجّ

Nearby Words

Category Meaning Original text
Political Political necessities ضرورات / حاجات سياسية
Financial ‎Social needs حاجات اجتماعية
Political Social wants حاجات اجتماعية
Tourism consumer Wants حاجات استهلاكية
Financial economic needs حاجات اقتصادية
Social Basic needs الحاجات الاساسية
Economical Safety needs حاجات الأمان
Financial Development needs حاجات التنمية
Administrative staffing needs حاجات التوظيف
Technology Output Inducer حاث الخرج
Technology Market Needs حاجات السوق
Financial Physiological needs الحاجات الفسلجية
Financial ‎Physiological needs الحاجات الفسيولوجية
Administrative changing needs الحاجات المتغيرة
Financial ‎Motivational needs الحاجات المحركة للدوافع
Tourism consumer Wants حاجات المستهلك
Agriculture information needs حاجات المعلومات
Social Wants of the Indigence حاجات المعوذين
Financial Esteem needs حاجات إحترامِ
Financial ‎Amenities حاجات أساسية
Financial Self - actualization needs الحاجات تحقيقِ الذاتيةِ
Legal Constant wants حاجات ثابتة
Technology Inducing current تيار حاث
Technology Inductor مفاعل حاث
Technology Inducing coil ملف حاث


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