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Translation and Meaning of قدوة in Almaany English Arabic Dictionary

قُدْوَة ( اسم ) :
example ; exemplar ; ideal ; model ; pattern
قُدْوَة : أُسْوَة
- a moral principle or standard of behaviour
- pagain of conducts
- person who is good example of quality

Related Words

Category Meaning Original text
Legal exemplary قدوة
Financial Pacemaker القدوة
UN role model قدوة
Political lead قدوة
Political Absorption capacity قدوة / طاقة الاستيعاب

Nearby Words

Category Meaning Original text
Medical Lasiohelea القَدوح ( جِنْسٌ مِنَ الذُّبابِ مَصَّاصِ الدَّم )
General savoriness قَدْو
General Cauldrons; Pots; Saucepans قدور
General sainted قَدّوس
Islamic The Most Holy القدوس
Legal casserole; Pot القدر ج قدور : وعاء يطبخ فيه


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