Translation and Meaning of word fimbriated hymen in English Arabic Dictionary

Category Meaning Original text
Medical بَكارَةٌ مُخْمَلَةٌ fimbriated hymen

Nearby Words

Category Meaning Original text
General مشرشر؛ مهدب fimbriate
Medical كيسَةٌ خَمَلِيَّة fimbrial cyst
Medical الشَّريطَةُ الخَمَلِيَّة ( الشَريطَةُ القَبْوِيَّة) taenia fimbriae ( taenia fornicis NA )
Medical الثَّنْيَةُ الخَمَلِيَّة ( في اللسان) plica fimbriata NA
Medical العُرْفُ المُخَمَّلِيّ ( الثَّنْيَةُ المُخَمَّلَة) ( في اللِّسان) fimbriated crest ( plica fimbriata )
Medical الطَّيَّةُ المُخْمَلَة (للجام اللسان) fimbriated fold
Medical بَكارَةٌ مُخْمَلَةٌ fimbriated hymen
Medical النِّهايَةُ الخَمَلِيَّةُ للبُوق fimbriated extremity of fallopian tube


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